Embark on a remarkable journey with us, where every moment is crafted to perfection. Trust our expertise to curate the most remarkable travel experiences tailored to your desires and preferences.

How it all began

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson and Michael Chen, the passionate and adventurous duo behind CA Travel Guide, discovered their shared love for exploration and travel during their college years. Emily, hailing from the scenic coastal towns of Canada, grew up surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures of the country. Michael, originally from the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, had always dreamed of venturing into the great outdoors and immersing himself in new experiences.

Their paths crossed during a university study abroad program in Canada, where they found themselves drawn to the country’s awe-inspiring beauty and vast opportunities for adventure.

Our travel philosophy

With a shared vision and their combined expertise in customer service, hospitality, and travel, Emily and Michael joined forces to establish CT Travel Guide. Despite being newcomers to the industry, their commitment to exceptional service and their determination to create unforgettable journeys for their clients set them apart.

Emily’s in-depth knowledge of Canada’s diverse regions and Michael’s multicultural background and language skills complement each other perfectly, allowing them to provide a unique perspective and cater to the needs of travelers from around the globe.

Michael Chen

During their time together, Emily and Michael embarked on numerous treks, explored hidden gems, and forged unforgettable memories.

After graduating, both Emily and Michael followed different career paths but found themselves yearning to share their love for Canada with the world. They realized that their true passion lay in helping others discover the wonders of this incredible country and curating personalized travel experiences that exceeded expectations.

Together, Emily and Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit, unwavering dedication, and genuine love for travel form the foundation of CA Travel Guide. Their mission is to introduce the wonders of Canada to travelers, ensuring that every trip is filled with extraordinary experiences and cherished memories.


Through CT Travel Guide, we aspire to ignite the spirit of adventure within each traveler, unlocking the boundless beauty and cultural richness of Canada. Let us be your compass, guiding you to remarkable experiences that transcend the ordinary. Together, let's embark on a journey that will inspire and reshape the way you see the world.